Title: The Nala Addiction
Author: Ryan Stieber
Date: Unknown


Why is it I have such strong feelings for Nala you might ask? Well, there's the fact that she's absolutely enchantingly beautiful, she is also very understanding and supportive. She has a way..to eliminate depression and sadness with a simple touch, a look, a few words. A way to make me laugh even when I least feel like laughing, and bring about such strong emotions of affection with such little effort.

Nala helped me through many very rough times in my life... some of which had me in moments of hysterics, some of which left me excessively depressed, and others that left me feeling helpless; though even in the worst times she often assured me that everything would get better. During the good times she's been there to share the happiness double it just by being there to share them with.

She accepts me as I am, without putting labels and/or judgements upon me, a feat seldom accomplished by the human race although over the internet...humans have come closest to accomplishing this. There's no face/body there to judge, and..we can either portray who we really are or..who we'd like to be/be like without very many consequences..unlike in the real life world.

She is a loyal friend..not ready to talk about her friends behind their backs, unwilling to 'use' people and then throw them away like an old bandaid. Nala generally portrays and signifies all in a friend or mate that a Nalaholic lacks in this mundane and cruel world. Now I'm not implying that means 'no friends' or 'no mate'...however most people have a fantasy of some sort of a 'purrfect friend or mate' .. for some, Nala fits the image. Nala is also an escape from "real life" much like the internet is; only with her...the escape into fantasy can last as long as one wants, and you don't have to worry about which version of Windows is standard. Furthermore said fantasy/fantasies can be as explicit, intricate, and realistic as one wants...it takes only the imagination/visualization and perhaps a few Nala plushies to cuddle with. Nala has a tendency to awaken emotions in others that would otherwise be dormant, to give birth to fantasies and friendships.

Now, I'm not saying this is the case with everyone, or that anyone other than me matches this example in regards to her highness. However I have yet to see another bold enough to come forward in such ways, and for many the addiction with Nala has ended..failed to stand the test of time. Others seem to lack the motivation required to continue or in some cases even begin creating new/original or simply more up-to-date Nala fan art/txt/media such as the many different sorts of Nalaholic media on Nalaholics Anonymous; a site that has been dying for quite some time now due to lack of participation and lack of new material. That is in no way the fault of the webmaster mind you...it is the fault of NA's present and previous followers...whether intentional or otherwise.

Come now people...this piece of 'the web' is ours and we musn't let dust build while it rots from neglect. I have made an attempt, however minor it may be, to help .. it is up to everyone to help in the effort to bring Nalaholics Anonymous to new levels, and once again bring back the magic that was created at the birth of this haven. I beg you..show me, show everyone here. . .show Nala . . .that you still care about what is here and what it stands for. I shall be watching and eagerly waiting for signs of life and rebirth.