Title: Becoming a Nalaholic
Author: J. Takeshi
Date: 10/17/97


When I saw the movie for the first time in late '96, I was so overwhelmed by everything that I didn't think about individual characters. After thorough digesting though, I started to ponder more about the details, such as the characters. Of all the characters, Nala had, from the beginning, occupied a special place in me (although I would only admit this much later). Her looks, perhaps. Maybe her flawless personality. Or again the fact that she was a main character. Some, probably all, of this made my brain flood with thoughts of her. I would catch myself dreaming of her, or writing an idea for a fanfic of her.

Sometime in March of '97, I discovered by chance the TLK community. I was simply amazed by the number of die hard fans and amount of fan material. I deeply regret not being there "from the beginning". But I'm here now, that's the important part. And of course, this only served to feed my reawaken Nalaholic nature. I would often favor, almost instinctively, Nala pictures over others, Nala stories over others, etc. I lurked around until late June, where I worked up the nerve to post my first message to alt.fan.lion-king. I soon joined TLK-L.

On July 26 1997 14:12 EST, I received a private e-mail from Simba Wiltz, the founder of Nalaholics Anonymous. Enclosed was the following:
Subject: Why Nala is flawless (story)


As a representative of Nalaholics Anonymous, I would like to commend you on

this notice. As a matter of fact, we would like to put this on the site officially.

Would that be a problem?

Indeed, it would be a problem: it turned me into a full blown Nalaholic!

At first, I didn't take this very seriously. But when I visited the site, my heart jumped. It was like...the Nala shrine. This was the turning point, when I would become:

To most of you, that may already seem crazy. But it didn't stop there. I chatted with Simba W. a bit, and soon sent my application for the "super original" title of:
at Nalaholics Anonymous. And it's downhill from there.
At the moment, I only have a few fics in the fan material section; let me assure you though, a lot more is in the works as we speak...
Nalaholics Anonymous Employee Profile:

Middle Name: Takeshi

Country: Canada

Title: Author

Hired date: July 31 1997

Languages: English, Japanese, French

Contributions: Fanfics: Why Nala is flawless, Lady Nala (song)

Other: To be announced...
Status: Nala nut case...

Comments: Will try to discover elusive "lust" sized plushie, or die trying to.