The Look     "The Look" 

          Good news.
    After reviewing the results of your test, we have come to the conclusion that you are most definitely a Nalaholic.  It is obvious that anyone who can't resist "The Look" qualifies as a Nalaholic!

    Now, we here at Nalaholics Anonymous understand that sometimes it is hard to accept what you have become. The outside world looks down on you, friends and family have stopped visiting, and the zookeeper has placed a restraining order on you to stay away from the lions exhibit.

    But don't worry, the kind staff at Nalaholics Anonymous will be more than happy to help you. Based on your results, we recommend that you go through all of the therapies to harness your Nalaholic tendencies before they slip away. Follow this simple guideline and you'll see results quickly and painlessly.

    And remember, we do this, because we care.

  1.  Say the Nalaholics Anonymous pledge 5 times every day.
  2.  Come in often and make use of our training facilities.
  3.  Obtain the official Nalaholics Anonymous keychain to bring Nala with you everywhere you go.
  4.  Obtain a Nala plushie and squeeze liberally to reduce Nala cravings.
  5.  Talk to family and friends about your unique situation. If they do not want to listen, simply flip them onto their backs and say, "Pinned ya!". Continue talking.
  6.  Search out other Nalaholics and form support groups to talk of your unique feelings.