"Nala by the Water" 

      Wow, you have it bad.
    The results of your test indicates that you qualify as a serious Nalaholic.  The beauty of Nala's form next to the water has obviously touched you deeply.

    The staff here recognize your status and special needs. Your choice of image indicates that you do have a fondness for Nala's unique and sometimes sensual looks, and perhaps that you'd like to invite her over for a drink sometime (only the best water will do for her).

    Our staff has put together a list of things that can assist you in your quest for Nala.

And remember, we do this because we care.

  1. Say the Nalaholics Anonymous pledge 10 times each day.
  2. Make use of our therapy and training facilities frequently.
  3. Obtain the Nalaholics Anonymous keychain to show your devotion as a Nalaholic.
  4. If you find someone else you think attractive, try a gentle nuzzle and a lick instead of a casual kiss. If you're lucky, the person will return the favor.  If not, then don't chase them.
  5. Talk to the Certified Nalaholics about those things you need to do in order to become a real Nalaholic.