test5    "Sad Nala" 

      What an astounding discovery!
    It was close, but the studies reveal that your choice indicates that you are a heartfelt Nalaholic.  The concept of seeing Nala sad makes many other Nalaholics sad.  In choosing this picture, you are most obviously making an attempt to reach out to Nala in her sad times and offer her a shoulder to lean on.  Through sharing your trials and tribulations, both you and Nala can draw closer as friends, and even get through tough problems together.

    For all those Nalaholics that want to help, we have a special list for you too.

And remember, we do this because we care.

  1. Say the Nalaholics Anonymous pledge 25 times each day.
  2. Make use of as much of the therapy area as possible, visiting whenever you have the chance. Frequency is essential here.
  3. Develop an interest in lionesses and research fully. Force the librarians to find things for you. Persude those around you to quiz you on the material. If they don't want to, say "Fine." in a very authoritative tone and find someone else.
  4. Go to your local zoo and watch the lionesses there until they place a restraining order on you.
  5. Contact a Certified Nalaholic. Beg them to teach you everything they know about Nala.
  6.  Obtain a Nala plushie and hold conversations with it. Remember, when you become a true Nalaholic, she'll talk back. (she's kinda shy sometimes)
  7. Have some Fun with Nala! (it always cheers her up)