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Here is some of the fanart I have. Bare in mind, I have tons more but respect the artists and their copyright. If I can get their permission, I'll post it here. Please note however. I have gotten explicit consent from the artists and have gotten any art displayed directly from them. Do not leech any pictures without asking the artist first. I'm not too fond of "image thieves" and will handle any appropriately. You may download any image here for yourself as long as you keep them for yourself. (In other words, don't mirror this archive or the artists (and I) will find you and do terrible things to you. :) Thanks and enjoy!

Taka On Line by Danny Palic. Man. hehe. No comment :)
Ever seen Scar in 3D short of those almost too realistic dreams? ;) Danny Palic, a good friend of mine, is pretty skilled with Lightwave now. Check this pic out. :)
Logo done by Danny for the alternate URL to this site.
This is open for interpretation. :) Kinda reminds me of that little robot dog Mega Man had in those Megaman 48 and upwards episodes. :)
"Simon.. er.. Scar says.." ;) This made by Erik Evensen.
This is some fanart by my friend, Drew Palmer. This was gotten in 2 hours over my War FTP server at 0.044kbps because Drew only has a 386 and a 9600baud modem to go along with it. It was worth it though (At least to me :) Seeing her art a rare treat? You bet your butt.
This is something Jeroen van den Berg e-mailed me. From this alone, I hope he starts doing a lot more Scar art. If he does, he'll get his own section too. *hint* *hint* :)
Fanart by Chia. Love it man. :)
More by Chia.
I've finally tracked down Chia and got his permission to put these pieces I've had for ages on my page. View and enjoy, but beware; these pictures are huge both in filesize and resolution. :)
More by Chia.
More by Chia.
More by Chia.
Fanart by Meaghan Edwards. What can I say? :)

If you have ANYTHING to contribute, please mail it to me. Thanks!


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