Scar Goodies!

Alrighty. Stuff on this page is stuff that, well, just doesn't fit into any other category. I hope to be able to keep a lot of nifty things here but only time will tell.

A scan
Cute Screengrab
Ahhh!! (People would kill to touch the book this is out of. And Scar in this picture ;)
I've seen a lot of people making their own Windows 95 startup screens lately, so I decided to take a crack and make my very own. The catch is this one is "animated" just like the default Windows 95 one is. :) View the JPEG here and get the file here. (I just love this. Captures the headaches doesn't it? :) For instructions on how to install this, follow this link. Also, if you use this, please e-mail and tell me what you think. Note: This was just a test to see if I could "animate" a startup screen. I want to make this one much better but why do it for nothing? :> If lots of people ask, I'll do it. :)
This is a picture taken in WDW I think on Halloween by James and Bonnie Sobotor. The pic is fuzzy but it's Scar.. man isn't it. :D
A six month old pic of my room. Lots of Scar stuff so it qualifies for this page. :)
Another pic of my room. These were taken by Danny Palic (aka SimbaIII) when he came here for a week this summer. They're old. My room looks much Scarier now. ;)


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