Top40 songs of the week

40. Telepop music, "Breathe"
39. VonRay, "Inside out"
38. No Doubt, "Running"
37. Celine Dion, "Drove all night"
36. The Calling, "Adrian"
35. Matchbox 20, "Disease"
34. 50 cent, "indaclub"
33. Alliyah, "Miss you"
32. Boomcat, "Reckoning"
31. Craig david, "hidden agenda"
30. Bowling for soup, "Girl all the bad guys want"
29. Lasgo, "Somethin"
28. Missy E., "work it"
27. Missy E., "gossip folks"
26. Santana & Michelle branch, "The Game of love"
25. Amanda Perez, "Angel"
24. Our lady peace, "Somewhere out there"
23. J Lo, "Jenny from the block"
22. Simple Plan, "I'd do anything"
21. Vanessa Carleton, "pretty baby"
20. 3 doors down, "When i'm gone"
19. John Mayer, "Your body is a wonderland"
18. Eminem, "Lose yourself"
17. nelly, "Air force 1"
16. The Dixie chicks, "Landslide"
15. JC Chaze, "Blown me w/ her love"
14. Eminem, "Superman"
13. Pink, "Family portrait"
12. Puddle of mud, "She hates me"
11. Tatoo, "All the things she sais"
10. Good Charlotte, "Lifestyles of the Rich And famous"
9. Evanescense, "Bring me to life"
8. Nivea, "Dont mess with my man"
7. Kid Rock & Cheryl Crow, "Picture"
6. Coldplay, "Clocks"
5. B2k, "bump bump bump"
4. J lo, "All i have"
3. Justin Timberlake, "Cry me a river"
2. Christina Aquillera, "Beautiful"
1. Avril Lavigne, "Im with you"
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