This weeks Top40

40. Spice girls, "stop"
39. Blacklab, "Time ago"
38. Blair, "have fun go mad"
37. Janet, "I get so lonely"
36. Billie Myers, "Kiss the rain"
35. All siaing, "never ever"
34. Madonna, "Frozen"
33. Celine Dion, "To love you more"
32. Rebekah, "Sins so well"
31. Soap, "This is how we party"
30. Cherry poppin daddys, "zoot suit riot"
29. Brandy & monica, "The boy is mine"
28. Destinys child, "No no no"
27. Robyn, "Do you really want me"
26. Aerosmith, "I dont wanna miss a thing"
25. Edwin McCain, "I'll be"
24. Sar McCaughlin, "Adia"
23. Backstreet boys, "As long as it matters"
22. Thrid eye blind, "Hows it gonna be"
21. Wallflowers, "heroes"
20. Matchbox 20, "Real world"
19. Natalie Merchant, "Kind and generous"
18. Janet Jackson, "Together again"
17. Next, "2 close"
16. Madonna, "Ray of lite"
15. Maria Carey, "My all"
14. Matchbox 20, "3am"
13. Vonda shepard, "Searchin my soul"
12. Will Smith, "Gettin giggy wit it"
11. Backstreet boyx, "Everybody"
10. The goo goo dolls, "Iris"
9. Savage Garden, "Truly madly deeply"
8.In Sync, "I want you back"
7. Fast ball, "Te way"
6. Brian McKnight, "Anytime"
5. Shania Twain, "Your still the one"
4. Allanis Morrissette, "Uninvited"
3. Marcy Playground, "Sex and Candy"
2. KC and Jojo, "All my life"
1. Natalie Imbrooglia, "Torn"
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