This weeks Top40

40. Third Party, "My love is alive"
39. Maria Carey, "Honey"
38. Meredith Brooks, "What would happen"
37. Wall Flowers, "Three Marlenas"
36. Oasis, "Don't go away"
35. Janet Jackson, "Together again"
34. Puff Daddy & Faith evans, "I'll be missing you"
33. Savage Garden, "Truly Madly Deeply"
32. Notorios B.I.G. "Mo $$, Mo problems"
31. Duran Duran, "Electric barbarella"
30. Will Smith, "Men in black"
29. INOJ, "Love you down"
28. Spice girls, "2 become 1"
27. Elton John, "Somethin about the way you looked tonight"
26. Lisa Lobe, "I Do"
25. The mighty mighty Bosstones, "The impression that I get"
24. 98 Degrees, "Invisible Man"
23. Usher, "You make me wanna"
22. Amy Grant, "Takes a lil time"
21. Fiona Apple, "Criminal"
20. Imani Coppola, "Legend of a cowgirl"
19. Backstreet boys, "As long as it matters"
18. She moves, "Breaking all the rules"
17. Hanson, "come to you"
16. Sister hazel, "All for you"
15. Sara McGuaghlin, "Building a mystery"
14. Back street boys, "Quit playin games"
13. Allure, "All cried out"
12. Maria Carey, "Butterfly"
11. Tonic, "If you could only see"
10. 3rd eye blind, "Semi charmed life"
9. Boys II Men, "4 seasons of lonliness"
8. Smash mouth, "Walkin on the sun"
7. Paula Cole, "I don't wanna wait"
6. Robin, "Show me love"
5. LeAnn Rymes, "How do I live"
4. Jewel, "Foolish games"
3. Matchbox 20, "Push"
2. Chubawamba, "Tub thumpin"
1. Sugar Ray, "Fly"

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