Top100 songs of the 2003

100. John Mayer, "Bigger than my body"
99. DJ Sammy, "Heaven"
98. Tyreese, "How you gonna act like that"
97. Counting crows, "Big yellow taxi"
96. Lasgo, "There is somethin"
95. Brittany Spears & Madonna, "Me against the music"
94. Audioslave, "Like a stone"
93. Mercy me, "I can only imagine"
92. T.A.T.U., "Not gonna get it"
91. Blue Cantrell, "Breathe"
90. Kelly Clarkson, "Low"
89. Liz Phair, "Y can't I"
88. Avril Lavigne, "Skater boy"
87. Telepop Music, "Just breathe"
86. Coldplay, "Clocks"
85. 3rd eye blind, "Blinded when I see you"
84. Hillary duff, "So yesterday"
83. J Lo, "I'm glad"
82. Uncle cracker, "In a lil while"
81. Bowling for soup, "Punk rock 101"
80. Simple plan, "Perfect"
79. Justin Timberlake, "Like I love you"
78. Lumidee, "Never leave you"
77. Good charlotte, "The Anthem"
76. Sugar Ray, "Is she really going out w/ him"
75. Nora Jones, "Come away w/ me"
74. Ataris, "Boys of summer"
73. Creed, "One last breath"
72. Fountains of Wayne, "Stacy's Mom"
71. JC Chasez, "Blowin me up"
70. 6 pence none the richer, "Don't dream its over"
69. Good Charlotte, "Girls and boys"
68. Simple plan, "I'd do anything"
67. Cheryl Crow, "The 1st cuts the deepest"
66. Michelle Branch, "Goodbye to you"
65. Bon Jovi, "Misunderstood"
64. Stacie Orrico, "Theres gotta be more to life"
63. Mya, "My love is like wooa"
62. All American Rejects, "Swing swing"
61. Bowling for soup, "Girl all the bad guys want"
60. Daniel beddingfield, "Gotta get thru this"
59. Justin Timberlake, "Senorita"
58. U2, ""
57. Dave Mathews band, "Gray street"
56. Santana, "Game of love"
55. Vertical Horizon, "I'm still here"
54. Trapt, "Headstrong"
53. Aaliyah, "miss you"
52. Saliva, "Rest in pieces"
51. Justin Timberlake, "Cry me a river"
50. Black eyed peas, "Where is the love"
49. Pink, "Just like a pill"
48. Michelle Branch, "Goodbye to you"
47. Daniel beddingfield, ""
46. Lifehouse, "Spin"
45. Stacie Orrico, "Stuck"
44. Wayne Wonder, "No letting go"
43. John Resnick, "I'm still here"
42. Dirty Vegas, "Days go by"
41. Christina Aguillera, "Fighter"
40. Mandy Moore, "have a lil faith in me"
39. Kelly Clarkson, "Miss Independent"
38. No Doubt, "Its my life"
37. 3 doors down, "Here w/out you"
36. Maroon 5, "Harder to breathe"
35. Matchbox 20, "Bright lights"
34. Dido, "white flag"
33. Nickleback, "Someday"
32. Johny Mayer, "No such thing"
31. Staind, "So far away"
30. Christina Aquillera, "Beautiful"
29. Jimmy eat world, "The middle"
28. Goo Goo Dolls, "Sympathy"
27. Josh Kelly, "Amazing"
26. Live, "Heaven"
25. Jewel, "Intuition"
24. Puddle of mud, "She hates me"
23. Matchbox 20, "Disease"
22. Dixie chiqs, "Landslide"
21. Vanessa Carlton, "1,000 miles"
20. Simple Plan, "Addicted"
19. The Calling, "Wherever you will go"
18. Michelle Branch, "Are you happy now"
17. Pink, "Family Portrait"
16. R Kelly, "Ignition"
15. Avril Lavigne, "Complicated"
14. Beyonce, "Crazy in love"
13. Santana, "Why don't you an I"
12. Frankie J, "Don't wanna try"
11. T.A.T.U., "All the things she said"
10. Kid Rock & Cheryl Crow, "Picture"
9. Good Charlotte, "Lifestyls of the rich and famous"
8. Jason Mraz, "The Remedy"
7. Johny Mayer, "Your body is a wonderland"
6. Justin Timberlake, "ROck your body"
5. Train, "Calling all angels"
4. Avril Lavigne, "I'm w/ you"
3. 3 doors down, "When I'm gone"
2. Evanescense, "Bring me to life"
1. Matchbox 20, "Unwell"
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