Top100 songs of the 2004

If your looking for the Rick Dees Chart from 2004, this is the actual Rick Dees countdown show that I have from '04. However, i recorded it off WSTR, which is a HotAC/CHR hybrid, so they heavily edited the show, by removing songs, adding extras, on top of the normal WT40 dart board style chart. Im not sure which version of the show WSTR aired, but in addition, i RE edited the show myself, its even MORE modified than it should be.
Here's a link to the actual CHR chart Dee's countdowned, albeit only a top 50
100. Goo Goo Dolls, "Give a little bit"
99. Counting Crows, "Accidently in love"
98. Nickleback, "Way too good"
97. Pink, Just like a pill"
96. Greenday, "American Idiot"
95. Matchbox 20, "Unwell"
94. Matchbox 20, "Bright lights"
93. Yellowcard , "You are my only one"
92. Duran Duran, "Reach up for the sunrise"
91. Stacy Orrico, "Theres gotta be more"
90. DJ Sammy & Yanou, "Heaven"
89. Keane, "Somewhere only we know"
88. Snoop Dog, "Holiday INN"
87. Lenny Kravitz, "Crazy"
86. Kelly Clarkson, "LOw"
85. Gavin Degraw, "I don't wanna be"
84. Linkin Park, "Breaking the habbit"
83. R Kelly, "Ignition"
82. Avril Lavigne, "Complicated"
81. 3 doors down, "Away from the sun"
80. Hilary Duff, "So Yesterday"
79. Sara Conner, "Bounce"
78. Bowling for soup, "1985"
77. Blink 182, "I miss you"
76. Beyonce, "Crazy in love"
75. Dido, "White flag"
74. Jet, "Are you gonna be my girl"
73. Vannessa Carlton, "White houses"
72. Kimberly LOcke, "The 8th world wonder"
71. Simple Plan, "I'd do anything"
70. Good CHarlotte, "The Anthem"
69. The Ataris, "Boys of summer"
68. Good Charlotte, "GIrls & Boys"
67. Rooney, "I'm shakin"
66. All AMerican Rejects, "Swing swing"
65. Franz Ferdinand, "Take me out"
64. Brittany Spears, "MY perogative"
63. Hillary Duff, "Fly"
62. Gwen Stefani, "What you waitin for"
61. Lindsay Lohan, "Rumors"
60. Brittany Spears, "Outragous"
59. U2, "Vertigo"
58. Kelly Clarkson, "With love"
57. Shifty Shellshock, "Slide alongside"
56. Limp Bizqit, "Behind blue eyes"
55. The Darkness, "I believe in a thing called love"
54. Pink, "Family Portrait"
53. Maroon 5, "Harder 2 breathe"
52. Live, "Heaven"
51. Usher, "MY boo"
50. Hoobastank, "Disapear"
49. Bowling for soup, "Girl all the bad guys want"
48. Fountains of Wayne, "Stacys mom"
47. Usher, "Confessions part2"
46. Los Lonely Boys, "Heaven"
45. The Killing, "Somebody told me"
44. Fuel, "Falls on me"
43. 3 days Grace, "I hate everything about you"
42. Eamon, "Fuck it"
41. Yellowcard, "Ocean avenue"
40. Trapt, "Headstrong"
39. Simple Plan, "WElcome to my life"
38. Dashboard Confessional, "Vindicated"
37. Sheryl Crow, "The 1st cuts the deepest"
36. Good Charlotte, "Predictable"
35. Avril Lavigne, "Dont tell me"
34. Finger 11, "One thing"
33. Brittany SPears, "Everytime"
32. Kelly Clarkson, "Breakaway"
31. Simple Plan, "Addicted"
30. Seether, "Broken"
29. Good Charlotte, "HOld on"
28. Trapt, "Echo"
27. Jason Mraz, "I wont worry"
26. Ryan Cabrera, "On the way down"
25. Jessica Simpson, "ANgel"
24. Simple Plan, "Perfect"
23. Ashley Simpson, "Shadow"
22. No Doubt, "Its my life"
21. Good Charlotte, "Lifestyles of the rich & famous"
20. Staind, "So far away"
19. Avril Lavigne, "My happy ending"
18. Jessica Simpson, "Take my breathe away"
17. Maroon 5, "She will be loved"
16. Hillary DUff, "Come clean"
15. Switchfoot, "Meant to live"
14. 3 doors down, "Here w/out you"
13. Linkin Park, "Numb"
12. Usher, "Burn"
11. Ashlee Simpson, "Pieces of me"
10. Britney SPears, "TOxic"
9. Evanescence, "My Immortal"
8. Evanescence, "Bring me to life"
7. Greenday, "Boulevard of broken dreams"
6. Nickleback, "Someday"
5. Switchfoot, "Dare you to move"
4. Jessica Simpson, "w/ you"
3. Hoobastank, "The Reason"
2. Maroon 5, "This love"
1. Usher, "Yeah"
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