A (very) Brief History of Rodeo

We did mention that this would be a brief history, didn't we? Well that was more than a simple tongue-in-cheek remark. A chronological history of any sort would be well beyond the scope of this site. In the interest of facilitating your curiosity about where Rodeo comes from and how certain traditions and events evolved into the present day version please follow the links and links within these sites for a good start. You will see that any number of places claim to be the birth of Rodeo as entertainment; isn't it wonderful how many people had the same idea at about the same time?

None of these sites are the last word or ultimate authority and as you'll see Rodeo was a way of life long before that particular term came into common usage. Many countries beyond the United States and Canada are built on the foundations of agriculture and animal husbandry. Many countries still celebrate and promote Rodeo as a spectator sport as well as a way of life.

Many families have continued the rodeo tradition, passing the reins to sons, daughters, grandchildren and in some cases great grandchildren. A search for "rodeo +history +family" will provide you with many hours of reading on the internet. The High River Agricultural Society continues to honor this tradtion with its annual Little Britches Rodeo, held in May each year for the past 50+ years.

It's been a source of joy of the authors to volunteer at this rodeo for the past 8 years with no end in sight. To see a grandfather beaming with pride and touched by the memory of his own start as he helps his granddaughter onto the back of a sheep for the age 3-5 mutton busting is something everyone who believes in tradition should experience. That's what Rodeo, the lifestyle, the tradition, the legacy is all about.