The TARDIS Databanks: Online

Species      Talfraxan
Homeworld      Cornelia
Language      Cornelian
Body Type      Bipedal
Average Height      175-183 centimeters (males), 165-173 centimeters
Average Weight      55-61 kilograms (males), 47-52 kilograms (females)
Fur Colour      Varying hues of red (males), varying hues of pink
     (females), with a light beige muzzle.
Eye Colours      Red, green, blue, purple
Distinctions      Males are taller than females
Average Lifespan      62 standard years

Description      A race of slender, bipedal creatures, covered entirely in
     short fur, bar their beige muzzles. They possess heavy,
     curved brows, and sport several thick, naturally-grown
Usual Attire      Natural-hued and simplistic loinclothes, brassieres,
     wrap-around sandals, and short skirts for females.
     Adornments such as bangles, dreadlock bands, armlets,
     anklets, and necklaces are common. Such jewellery are
     usually made from wood or gold-like metals, with tiaras
     being reserved for priestesses.

Notable Members      Amarla - The young priestess of a famous, yet small tribe
     in the northern hemisphere

     Rhadaman - The chieftain of a famous, yet small tribe
     in the northern hemisphere.