The TARDIS Databanks: Online

Biographical Name      Classified
Aliases      The Doctor, John Smith, Theta Sigma
Homeworld      Gallifrey
Profession      Time Lord
Born      Unknown

Physical Species      Gallifreyan
Appearance      Anthropomorph - Clouded Leopard
Gender      Male
Height      170 centimeters (5 feet and 7 inches)
Weight      52 kilograms (8 stone and 3 pounds)
Eye Colour      Dark brown

Notes Voice Actor      ?
Regular Attire      ?
Equipment      The TARDIS, Psychic Paper, Sonic Screwdriver

Incarnations The First Doctor
European Badger
William Hartnell
The Second Doctor
Patrick Troughton
The Third Doctor
African Leopard
Jon Pertwee
The Fourth Doctor
Tom Baker
The Fifth Doctor
Fallow Deer
Peter Davison
The Sixth Doctor
Hawk Owl
Colin Baker
The Seventh Doctor
Red Fox
Sylvester McCoy
The Eighth Doctor
Paul McGann
The Ninth Doctor
Greater Mouse-Eared Bat
Christopher Eccleston
The Tenth Doctor
Red Squirrel
David Tennant
The Eleventh Doctor
Matt Smith
The Twelfth Doctor
Clouded Leopard
Claude Rains
The Thirteenth Doctor
European Otter