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Astrographical Name      Cornelia
Galaxy      Black Eye Galaxy (Messier 64)
System      Cornelia
Sun      Cornelia Prime
Satellites      3 Moons
Features      None
Galactic Cordinates      6156'43.2147", 2140'58.6122"

Physics Type      Terrestrial
Radius      2581.49 km
Circumference      16,283 km
Surface Area      207,248,967 km2
Land Area      134,281,210 km2
Mass      2.4271523 10 21 tonnes
Composition      35.2% oxygen, 33.9% iron, 19.7% silicon, 8.3%
     titanium, 2.0% other metals, 0.8% other elements
Gravity      1.2438 g

Rotation Rotation Period      20 hours, 12 minutes, 5.3 seconds
Orbital Period      649.281 local days
Axis Tilt      15.44

Atmosphere Type      Type I (Breathable)
Pressure      105.77 kPa
Composition      75.0% argon, 25.0% oxygen

Climate Type      Standard
Minimum Temperature      -23.8C
Average Temperature      32C
Maximum Temperature      50C

Biosphere Land      54%
Water      46%
Ice      0%
Primary Climate      Temperature - Forests, Plains
Common Meteorological Disturbances      Heatwaves, Thunderstorms
Urbanisation      >1%
Native Species      Mirrnum, Talfraxan
Immigrated Species      None
Wildlife Levels      Very High
Natural Resources      Fossil fuels, mineral deposits, food, plants, animals,
     wood, oxygen, water

Civilisation Technology Level      3 - Medieval
Shaping Force      None
Primary Language(s)      Talfraxan, Mirrnum
Demonym      Cornelian

Population Dominant Lifeform      Talfraxan
Population      4,320,261
Urban      0%
Rural      100%
Literacy Rate      7%
Gender Ratio      12 males/10 females
Fertility Rate      1.59 offspring/family
Life Expectancy      62 standard years

Politics Political Structure      Tribal - Peaceful
Strong Influence      Popular Support
Popular Issues      Environment
Stability      Very stable
Personal Freedoms      Excellent
Scandals      Unheard of
Foreign Relations      Very good

Economy Main Exports      Plants, gems, jewellery
Main Imports      None
Trade      Planetary only
Strength      Stable
Wealth      Spread equally throughout classes

Military Strength      Poor
Focus      Land
Main Unit      Infantry
Soldiers      Volunteers
Primary Use      Peacekeeping

Culture High Values      Attractiveness, wealth, charity
Popular Entertainment      Drinking, storytelling, sports
Respected Professions      Physician, priest, guard
Discrimination      None
Major Taboos      Environmental destruction
Major Social Ills      None

Religion Type      Polytheism
Focus      Harmony with Nature
Worship      Joyous public prayer in public temples
Associated Artform      Storytelling
Prevalence      Very common

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