Lion King Fan Art

Bellow is my small collection of Lion King fanart. If you have some art you'd like me to display here, by all means, it to me! Three or more images gets you your own page. Please, I am trying to stay away from drawings that have been copied or traced directly from scenes (clipart, books, the movie, etc). Granted there is nothing wrong with doing that as that is how you learn, but I would like to lean more towards showing original pieces here. :)

Artists with 3 or more images:

Sarah Bousman
Monica Meza
Julia Misiura
Suzanne Prestwood
Nala Lioness
Snow Tigress
Tiger Mystic
White Wolf (me!)

Thumbnail Description

Two Simba sketches by Nicolas Booles
A sad/puzzled looking cub Kovu by Rachel Herbert.
Another drawing of Scar, by Jimmy Olsson.
Scar, drawn by Dark Wolf.
This is Nyasa, Kovu and Kiara's son. Made up and drawn by Lauren Mitchell.
Beautifully draw pic of Zira & Scar by Whisper Panthress.
A pic of Nuka and Vitani, from TLK2, drawn on the computer. By Sage Wolf.
Here's a computer drawn pic of Kiara by Shiba.
A 3D rendering of Zazu by (Frank Post)