test3  ""Nala's Laugh"" 

      Yup, we've got another one.
    You have some strong Nalaholic tendencies to pick this picture.  Obviously you are enamored by Nala's terrific laugh and sense of humor.  Why, the very sight of Nala smiling brightens your day and turns all the dark clouds away.  An ideal trip for you would be for you and Nala to just laugh about life, or tell funny jokes to each other.  That's what friends are for.

    Use this listing to keep on growing as a Nalaholic!

And remember, we do this because we care.

  1. Say the Nalaholics Anonymous pledge 15 times each day.
  2. Obtain a Nala keychain and show everyone that you are a Nalaholic.
  3. If you find the need to make Nala laugh, obtain a Nala plushie of any size and tickle liberally. Beware flying claws and the inevitable return attack.
  4. Talk to other Nalaholics. See what they can do to help you.
  5. Visit the therapy center frequently, take advantage of as many things as possible.
  6. Have a little Fun with Nala.