test4    "Nala Concerned"

      You've got a real serious case!
    Your Nalaholic tendencies become very apparent when you choose this picture.  Seeing Nala concerned has obviously made you curious about what's on her mind.  You'd probably enjoy a long talk with the lioness about serious things like life, liberty, and the pursuit of better antelope haunches.

    For those Nalaholics that enjoy the 'serious talk', we've got a list of things lined up for you to do.

And remember, we do this because we care.

  1. Say the Nalaholics Anonymous pledge 20 times each day.
  2. Visit the training and therapy area as often as possible. 2-3 times a day minimum and you'll be feeling the effects soon.
  3. Obtain a Nala key chain, take it with you wherever you go. When someone attempts to change your mind about Nala, hold it up and begin reciting the pledge so you don't give in.
  4. Get as many Nala plushies as possible. Post it everywhere you can to remind yourself of her.
  5. Contact a Certified Nalaholic to become your guide. Tap their minds, pick their brains, do what you can to learn from them and their special skill.
  6. Make sure you have some Fun with Nala (you can't be serious all the time!)