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Welcome to my site.My name's Dale, I'm a graduate of George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia. B.A. in Communications. Check out GMU below :)

Masonlink. ITE computing labs.

Heres my resume. I love music. Click the link below to see the current top40 songs of the week. Currently employed as a telecommunications technician, doing a lil network configuration, switch or router configuring (mainly Cisco). In my spare time when I'm not watching football I like to play around with my cd recorder. On occasion I make cd's for customers/viewers of my website here whenever I get a request.

Thinking of DBS/Satelite? Read this.

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The Top40 Songs of the week!

Here's and IRC page I'm working on :) course its always down.
so check here.
This is an IRC channel I run.

Oh yeah, Did I mention I love football? Doesn't matter what kind, NFL, College, Canadian, World League, Arena, XFL, even High School. Can't get enough of it.

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I also like obtaining multiple email accounts. This link will show you how to do the same. I also have LINKS here so click :)
Telnet accounts.

New Java telnet client

New Java IRC client

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