The TARDIS Databanks: Online

Biographical Name      Amulyo
Homeworld      Cornelia
Profession      President of Paragon Enterprises
Age      48,697 (appears 27)

Physical Primary Forms      Anthropomorph - Saluki, Dragon, Talfraxan
Species      ? - Originally Talfraxan (appears as an Anthropomorph - Saluki)
Gender      Female
Height      173 centimeters (5 feet and 8 inches)
Weight      58 kilograms (9 stone and 2 pounds)
Hair Colour      Blonde
Eye Colour      Icy blue

Notes Skills      Agelessness, hydrokinesis, invisibility, limited conjuration,
     regeneration, shapeshifting, telepathy, and teleportation.
Attire      A long sleeved, flared, turquoise cropped top, a pair of
     skin-tight, flared turquoise trousers, and a pair of
     turquoise platform shoes.