The TARDIS Databanks: Online

Astrographical Name      The Moon
Galaxy      The Milky Way
Region      Orion Arm
Sector      Sirius Sector
System      Solar System
Sun      Sol
Satellite of      Earth
Features      None
Galactic Cordinates      1419'12.9482", -5240'26.141"

Physics Type      Rock
Radius      1,737.10 km (0.273 x Earth)
Circumference      10,921 km ( x Earth)
Surface Area      3.793 107 km2
Mass      10 19 tonnes (0.0123 x Earth)
Composition      Silica (45.5%), alumina (24.0%), lime (15.9%), iron(II) oxide
     (5.9%), magnesia (7.5%), titanium dioxide (0.6%), sodium oxide
Gravity      0.1654 g

Rotation Rotation Period      27.321582 days
Axis Tilt      1.54

Day Temperature      390 K (116.85 C)
Night Temperature      100 K (-173.15 C)

Biosphere Urbanisation      0%
Native Species      None
Immigrated Species      None
Wildlife Levels      Nonexistant
Natural Resources      Mineral reserves

Civilisation Technology Level      None
Shaping Force      None
Primary Language(s)      None
Demonym      Lunar

Population Dominant Lifeform      None
Population      0

Charle's Notes      Uninhabited; of little value, asides for aesthetics.