The TARDIS Databanks: Online

Astrographical Name      Earth, Terra
Galaxy      The Milky Way
Region      Orion Arm
Sector      Sirius Sector
System      Solar System
Sun      Sol
Satellites      1 Moon (Moon)
Features      None
Galactic Cordinates      1419'12.9482", -5240'26.141"

Physics Type      Terrestrial
Radius      6,378.1 km
Circumference      40,075.16 km
Surface Area      510,072,000 km2
Land Area      148,940,000 km2
Mass      5.9736 x 1021 tonnes
Composition      Iron (32.1%), oxygen (30.1%), silicon (15.1%), magnesium
     (13.9%), sulfur (2.9%), nickel (1.8%), calcium (1.5%),
     aluminium (1.4%), trace elements (1.2%)
Gravity      0.99732 g

Rotation Rotation Period      23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.1 seconds
Orbital Period      365.2425 local days
Axis Tilt      2326'21".4119

Atmosphere Type      Type I (Breathable)
Pressure      101.325 kPa
Composition      Nitrogen (78.08%), oxygen (20.95%), argon (0.93%), carbon
     dioxide (0.038%), water vapour(0.002%)

Climate Type      Standard
Minimum Temperature      -89.4C
Average Temperature      14C
Maximum Temperature      58C

Biosphere Land      29.2%
Water      69.1%
Ice      1.7%
Primary Climate      Temperate - Forests, Plains
Common Meteorological Disturbances      Thunderstorms
Urbanisation      3%
Native Species      Anthropomorphs, Ferals
Immigrated Species      Dragons
Wildlife Levels      Very high
Natural Resources      Fossil fuels, mineral deposits, food, plants, animals, wood, oxygen,

Civilisation Technology Level      8 - Digital Age
Shaping Force      Technology
Primary Languages      English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish
Demonym      Terran

Population Dominant Lifeform      Anthropomorphs
Population      6,929,098,151
Urban      50%
Rural      50%
Literacy Rate      74%
Gender Ratio      102 males/100 females
Fertility Rate      2.58 offspring/family
Life Expectancy      66.57 years

Politics Political Structure      Elective democracy
Strong Influence      Popular support
Popular Issues      Religion, climate change
Stability      Very stable
Personal Freedoms      Good
Scandals      Common
Foreign Relations      Decent

Economy Main Exports      Fossil fuels, plants, wood
Main Imports      Fossil fuels, plants
Trade      Fossil fuels, wood, planetary imports and exports only
Strength      Stabling and increasing
Wealth      Moderate inequality across nations

Military Strength      Strong
Focus      Land
Main Unit      Infantry
Soldiers      Volunteers and conscripted
Primary Use      Mixed - national defense, foreign peacekeeping, quelling rebellion

Culture High Values      Attractiveness
Popular Entertainment      Drinking
Respected Professions      Soldier
Discrimination      Religious, sexism, sexual orientation, speciesm, disability, class
Major Taboos      Paedophilia, drugs
Major Social Ills      Gangs, drugs, extremists

Religion Type      Monotheism/polytheism
Focus      Prayer
Worship      Public and private prayer
Associated Artform      Choiral music
Prevalence      Common