LK Song Parodies

Here's my collection of Lion King song parodies. If you have any to submit, feel free to them. All songs are in text format. New ones are added to the bottom.

Songs by Kim Dionne
"Hyena Rhapsody" --- "Warthog Rhapsody"
"I Just Can't Wait to be King" sung by Scar

Songs by Bryan Grube
"Serengheti Plain" to the tune of "Yellow Submarine"
"Nala" --- "Lola"
"Zazu Didn't Run" --- "Da Doo Run Run"
"Shenzi" --- "Denise"
"Timon's Bug Huntin' Tonight" --- "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
"Lady Sarafina" --- "Lady Madonna"

Song by Dave Morris
"Sarafina" --- "Macarena"

Song by Frederik Udsen
"Nala" --- "Lola"

Song by Jim Burgess
A theme song for TLK-List to the theme of "Cheers"

Song by Timon Berkowitz
"Ed & His Master" --- "Dog & His Master"

Songs by PF4Eva
"Hakuna-Matata-Da-Vida" --- "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"
"Bohemian Warthog Rhapsody" --- "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Song by Zuri_Cheetah
"Sin City" --- "Upendi"

Song by Spirit93
"Kiss Simba" --- "Kiss the Girl"

Down, Simba!!