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Lion King News

6/25/2014 - Legacy Collection Soundtrack

The 20th anniversary of the release of TLK has come with a flood of new developments. Right on the heels of the announcement of the new "The Lion Guard" cartoon series comes this re-release of the movie's soundtrack/score, under the banner of the "Legacy Collection" series which will cover the upcoming re-releases of many classic Disney film soundtracks.

The new 2-disc album contains all the movie's songs, naturally, but also mixes in some 30 minutes of never-before-officially-released instrumental score material, with track titles such as "I Was Just Trying to Be Brave Score" and "We Are All Connected Score". Many of these score tracks also feature "demo" alternative versions on the second disc, which are discussed in the new liner notes by producer Don Hahn and composer Hans Zimmer. There are also song tracks such as "The Morning Report" and "Warthog Rhapsody", which were not part of the original theatrical release—being added to the Special Edition in the former case, and cut from the final version in the latter.

Enthusiasts of the movie's soundtrack will no doubt be all over this release, which retails at Amazon.com for around $15.

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