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Image Archive

Pic of the Day
Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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ACT I (77 images)
      Movie stills from the Opening to Simba's Exile
ACT II (67 images)
      Movie stills from Timon & Pumbaa to the Return
ACT III (20 images)
      Movie stills from Simba's Return to the End
Miscellaneous Images (103 images)
      Promotional art, model sheets, coloring book pictures, and more!
Clip Art (143 images)
      Originally from the Lion King Print Studio and other sources.
Original Fan Artwork
      See the Lion King Fan-Art Archive, home to thousands of talented fan-artists!

  • Animated GIFs - Great for use as character banners or on websites!
  • Concept Artwork - Maintained by Ryan McGinnis
  • Other Image Archives - other Lion King sites with more pictures

For images of specific characters, check the Characters section.

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