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Image Archive

Rating System:

P: Premium. These images are high-resolution, true 24-bit color, and of very smooth color quality, suggesting that these images come directly from a Disney source.
G: Good. This refers to images whose quality is less-than-perfect in some way-- they have moiré banding, or the coloration isn't smooth, or just generally they aren't "P" quality. "G" images are generally scans or laserdisc screen grabs.
F: Fair. This rating covers everything else, ranging all the way down to Foul (though I do try not to keep truly horrendous images on here). Videotape screen grabs go here, as well as poorly done or low-res scans.

All images included here are copyright © 1994, 1995 the Walt Disney Company, except for those in the Original Fan Artwork section, which are copyrighted by the artists who created them.

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Picture Format Size Rating
Act 1
Mufasa Color JPEG 56K 637x352 G
Rafiki and Mufasa Color JPEG 48K 640x380 P
Rafiki and Mufasa Embrace Color JPEG 70K 636x352 G
Mufasa and Sarabi Color JPEG 60K 636x352 G
Ready for the Presentation Color JPEG 34K 581x361 P
Scar and Mufasa Grayscale JPEG 17K 497x286 G
"Zazu!" Color JPEG 58K 636x350 G
"Everything the light touches..." Color JPEG 40K 540x388 G
Mufasa and Simba Color JPEG 60K 637x352 G
"And so we are all connected..." Color JPEG 78K 637x351 G
The Morning Report Color JPEG 88K 650x451 G
Pouncing Lesson Color JPEG 56K 640x380 P
Mufasa Roars Color JPEG 40K 540x389 G
"We're pals, right?" Color JPEG 28K 640x380 P
"Simba, let me tell you something..." Color JPEG 30K 637x352 G
Mufasa Notices the Stampede Color JPEG 47K 640x380 P
"Simba's down there!" Color JPEG 37K 640x380 P
Looking For Simba Color JPEG 26K 640x380 P
Mufasa Climbs the Cliff Color JPEG 31K 640x488 G
"Long Live the King!" Color JPEG 22K 640x380 P
"Dad... we gotta go home." Color JPEG 43K 540x386 G
Act 2
Act 3
Miscellaneous Images
Promo Ad for The Lion King Video Color JPEG 100K 600x1079 G
Coloring Book: Mufasa & Simba Grayscale JPEG 33K 581x371 G
Mufasa and Sarabi Color Models Color JPEG 105K 935x672 G
Clip Art
mufasa01.gif Color GIF 25K 362x347 P
mufasa02.gif Color GIF 16K 360x195 P
mufasa03.gif Color GIF 20K 360x334 P
mufasa04.gif Color GIF 19K 360x254 P
mufasa05.gif Color GIF 27K 283x379 P
presentation.gif Color GIF 22K 277x382 P

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