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Movie Scripts

The Lion King

There are three versions of the script to The Lion King available here. Choose the one which best fits your needs.

TLK Script in HTML v3.5 -- 208K
This script fully cross-indexes much of the Image and Sound Archives, and is in an easy-to-read tabled format.

TLK Script in Plain Text v3.5 -- 112K
This script is the basis for the HTML script above, and is the most complete and textually accurate script for The Lion King that is available. Compiled by Phil "Stokowski" Pollard and edited to its current form by Brian Tiemann.

TLK Script in MS Word Format v3.51 -- 384K
This version is edited into its current format by Brian Tiemann. It is as complete as the other two versions, and contains footnotes.

Hosted at the Internet Movie Script Database is a real gem: a PDF version of the working script for the movie, as used by Disney. This script differs slightly from what you see on the screen due to the reliance on actors' ad-libbing their lines, and it includes stage directions that only the directors would have known about (for instance, I certainly didn't realize that when Zazu pokes his beak out of Scar's mouth to say "Impeccable timing, Your Majesty!", it's supposed to remind the viewer of the mouth-within-a-mouth in Aliens!
A searchable version, in RTF format, has been transcribed by Wojciech Komorowski.

5/13/2012: Early drafts by JT Allen and Ron Bass, dating back to early 1990, are now available thanks to "Jiminy Cricket", who worked at a literary agency at the time.

Foreign Language

Simba's Pride

Simba's Pride Script in HTML v1.1 -- 160K
Contains the full text of the released version of Simba's Pride, as well as scenes that were cut from the final version shortly before release.

Foreign Language

The Lion King 1 1/2 (The Lion King 3)

The Lion King 1 1/2 Script in HTML v1.0 -- 152K
Contains the full text of the released version of The Lion King 1 1/2.

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Scripts for Other Movies

(Yes, there ARE other movies out there. Incredible.) Note: Please do not copy these scripts and pass them off as your own work by removing the references to the sources. Also, if you edit a script, send a copy of your revision to the author in question.

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