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Texts and Fan-Fiction

The devoted fan base of the Lion King has proven itself to be both lasting and creative. Fan fiction is pouring out, growing in quality each time, and soon I believe TLK will leave a legacy as rich as, for instance, Star Trek or J.R.R. Tolkien. What's next? Lion King conventions?

What's here is just a fraction of what has been written and made available over the course of TLK's life.

(Warning: some of the stuff here (not much, but some) is just perhaps a bit racy or even offensive to some. Take this as either a disclaimer or a claimer, of course... :)


Original TLK Fan-Fiction

Many fans have seen fit to expand upon the story of TLK with their own works (including short stories, long stories, poetry, and more). Here are some examples, some from various newsgroups, some from Web denizens, some distributed through e-mail only, etc.
These stories are listed alphabetically by the author's last name. In the case of multiple authors, the name earlier in the alphabet is used.

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Compiled by Dave Morris,
The Unofficial Lion King Character Encyclopedia (March '97 version).

Reviews of TLK

Kevin C. Bissessar has provided me with some articles and things; here they are.

  1. From the Toronto Star, an article about TLK's success during its summer run.
  2. A quote from a radio station's comments about the movie.
  3. Also from the Toronto Star, an article outlining how TLK was the only truly "adult" movie of the entire summer.
  4. A review from a newspaper called "The Eye," also in Toronto.
  5. A detailed soundtrack review by Alicia Miller.

Here are a few more reviews I've collected.

  1. A pretty good review done evidently some time ago by J. Sherman. None of the names came out right, but that's okay.
  2. A review by a Bill DuPre, of the News and Observer.
And for more reviews, go to the Internet Movie Database and check out their collection of Reviews.

Essays on The Lion King

Some of these have been posted on
rec.arts.disney and, and are now here just because I figured I should stick them somewhere. Also a number of essays have been contributed by visitors over the years.

  1. "Kisasian: The Tragic Antagonist", by Kevin Bissessar.
  2. "Patriarchy in the Pride Lands", a project by Karen Schwalm.
  3. What TLK did to and for the life of Jason Ahrens, a true fan.
  4. Anthropomorphism in The Lion King, by Bruce Neufeld.
  5. Notes on The Lion King, by Eugene Arenhaus.
  6. Hamlet and The Lion King, by Trey McElveen.
  7. The Lion of Judah and the King of Pride Rock, by Tim Stoffel.
  8. Modern Shakespeare, by Joel Jackel.
  9. The Making of The Lion King, by Eva Janus.
  10. The Lion King and Richard III, by Megan the Phantom Girlie.
  11. Direct to Video and The Lion King, by James Maxwell.
  12. Reflejo y Tragedia: Mi vida basada en el filme El Rey León, by PouncingSimba (Spanish).
  13. A Lion's Quest for Destiny, a paper on fatalism in The Lion King by Ethan Romanoff.

Ryan McGinnis's Lion King Text Archive

The most comprehensive archive of TLK text files available on the Net. Includes essays, reviews, and the indispensable Humor section which showcases the best of and elsewhere.

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