Welcome first time visitor!
The NEW mission statement of Nalaholics Anonymous:
    Nalaholics, no matter what their level of dedication or devotion, should have a space in which they can fully appreciate their favorite lioness.  We are single mindedly moving toward a haven that not only allows Nalaholics that freedom, but provides an enhanced environment to grow and learn about themselves.

Our NEW philosophy:
    Nala has touched the hearts of many, and will continue to do so throughout time.  We are dedicated to allowing people the chance to express their affinity for Nala in the manner that is most comfortable to them.


Shall we begin?
    We begin with an analysis of your Nala preferences. Below are five pictures. Each picture shows a certain mood of Nala. When asked, please choose the picture that you find most preferable. Your style of "Nalaholicism" is rated depending on your the choice of picture. 

  Please consider the following when choosing your preference.


  • A good friend?
  • A loving mate?
  • A caring mother?
  • A wise queen?
  • Someone to have fun with?
  • Someone to share secrets?
  • Someone to hug and be close with?
  • Someone you'd like to get to know?



To begin your session, please click on the image that you find most preferable.