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That's right, I am selling off some of my collection. There's just too much for me right now! Yes, lo and behold, it is possible to have too much Lion King stuff.. at least when you move around a lot.
Well, here's my list of stuff I'm currently selling.. new things may be added occasionally. If you're interested in any of this, please and tell me what you'd like. Also, is there's something specific you'd like, let me know too.. I may have it and be willing to part.

*NOW*: Everything with a star (*) has FREE shipping.
Lithograph set given away with a special purchase of The Lion King DVD release. Originally 6 lithos, one is missing. $20*
Commemorative lithograph given away with the intial release of The Lion King on VHS. With original mat and envelope, mat is a little bent in the upper left corner.$20*
"Art of the Lion King" six lithograph set, with envelope that has descriptive text for each scene inside. Excellent condition. $40*
Welch's 10oz glass jar of strawberry spread, #3 of 6 in a collectible series of Simba's Pride jars. This is one of VERY FEW itmes that EVER depicted Zira! Unopened, though I do not recommend eating! $10
Collectible figural thimbles by Lenox. Rafiki, Simba, Nala, Mufasa, and Sarabi are available. Range in height from 1 1/2 - 2 1/2" $10 ea
CHILD'S size baseball cap with embroidered Scar on the front. $10*
Set of eight plastic ring party favors. Brand new on card. $10*
Simba and Nala "finger puppet" plush by Mattel. Mint condition. $15 ea / $25 both
Six-pack of pens from the Disney Store. Brand new in case. $15
Resin Simba necklace on a soft rope. He measures 2 1/4" tall. Brand new on card. $6*
Collectible 'Disney Decades' coin, available from the Disney Store for a short time. $6*
Special edition, and very rare, large PVC figure by Applause. Stands about 4" tall. $15
Set of three figural straws by Applause. $10*
Absolutely gorgeous set of glasswear made by Anchor Hocking. There is the 9" tall carafe (juice jug) and four 10oz mugs. $40
Lots of newer pins, $5 ea*
Cub Simba beanie from the Disney Store. Mint with tag and tag protector. $10*
Also for sale are trading cards: from series one and series two. I have hundreds of common cards, along with most of the rares/inserts. Prices are as follows:

Series I:

Common - .20 each. Available: all (1-90)
Pop-up - $10 each. Available: all (P1-9)
Foil - $13 each. Available: all (F6-9)
Lenticular - $30 each. Available: L2
Complete set of commons - $15 (save $3)

Series II:

Common - .10 each. Available: all (91-170)
Pop-up - $7 each. Available: all (P6-10)
Thermography - $4 each. Available: T1, T2, T6-9
Foil Border - $20 each. Available: FB1
Complete set of commons - $7 Free promo card with each set. (save $.90)
Master set with all cards - $100 (save $13.90)

International orders are welcome and will pay actual shipping costs on everything. Pay with a credit card securely via PayPal, my preferred method of payment!

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