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07/11/06 Wow.. quite a few revisions done. I had NO IDEA how much of the fanart wasd broken links. X_X Sorry! That's all taken care of. Please, I'd like to see new art there now! :) Updated text in a few places also.. the about me page, my room, and car.. and even added a new pic of my NEW car.
06/30/05 Lots of new items up for sale!
05/29/04 Some new material.. new fanart added by one current artist, and also a new pic of mine. Fixed some broken links (yikes!). Decided to move the 'misc stuff I made' to my fanart section as well.
04/25/04 Justed needed to update my about me page a bit. :)
04/15/04 Lots of new items for sale!
03/15/03 Put some new Lion King items up for sale!
02/25/03 New song parody added.
01/15/03 A new fanfic put up.
8/9/02 Lots of new items added to the Lion King items for sale page! Check them out!
9/8/02 Wonderful new fanart added.
8/9/02 Lots of new items added to the Lion King items for sale page! Check them out!
6/2/02 New Song Parody put up. Updated the about me page a bit as well.
5/15/02 New link added to the Lion King 3 section.
5/6/02 Woot, finally an update! ^.^ Two new song parodys added.
4/17/02 It's good to be back! New lionking.org server location up and running, be prepared for faster page loading!
Anywho.. I updated some info on the for sale page, including new trading cards. Also new info regarding TLK3 is up!
3/8/02 Page has now officially moved! Added soundtrack pics to the lyrics page.

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