Yup, it's Catwood alright

By: Mirri

Greetings fellow Furry and welcome to my home.

As long as you are reading this anyway, I might as well tell you that this place will be under eternal construction, but I will continuously and unabated add my work the moment it attains a form that is even remotely presentable to others.

I should probably mention that my main creative forces are now concentrated on my profile at the adult-oriented furry story site called Yiffstar. Specifically you can find my Mirri page here

The Tall Tails of Catwood


There's a short introduction right here, and all the chapters that have been corrected, edited, checked, double-checked and then checked again s'more, are to be found below somewhere

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Chapter Won

Chapter Too

Chapter Tree

Chapter Fur

Chapter Few

Chapter Mix

Chapter Se7en

Chapter Ate

Chapter Nigh

Chapter Zen

Chapter Eleventy

Chapter Delve


Get yer paws off me!

As always with these things comments, suggestions, propositions, non-flames, constructive criticism and general correspondence with like-minded writers are more than welcome.

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No one seems to know, no one seems to care/Coping with the ignorance of the world is too much for me to bear

So far I have made about a dozen poems, and I thought it would be gracious to share some of the furry ones with others (it's nice to share ;)



This is another one about a roleplaying character on TLKMuck. It was written as a tribute to a friend of mine's lioness there. I did not know anything about the char, but I knew the player and I managed to capture the exact essence of her char's personality. Much to our mutual surprise.


O, to be a feline

My homage to house cats everywhere!
May they forever be as catty as they are now...


Times Long Gone

A little something I wrote about dragons one late night after having worked on a drawing of one for hours. It seemed like the only right thing to do at the time :)


Stand Tall

I wrote this in about five minutes in an attempt to cheer up a friend of mine online. It didn't really work as well as expected (I think), but it's the thought that counts, right?


Medieval th poem

The result of watching too many old theatre plays and trying to out-th each other online. I won!


Mirri's Pokémon Theme Interpretation

AKA No more yellow, I'm going blind / These things have thoroughly warped my mind
And no, this is a rewrite of the original theme. I'm not *that* demented..
Still, as with any parody this is more fun if you actually know the song


Three Doors Down - Kryptonite

My own little parody of the song. It's one of the few songs in this world that I have never ever gotten tired of hearing, no matter how many hours it's been running on repeat until forever.
So I thought it would only be fair to write the lyrics as they should have been.


Mirri Quickie

This was just an instant-just-add-water-poems that I thought up between poses while mucking.


When Gods Tread The Ground

This does not really explain the entire history of Mirri, but it's a start! ;)
Basically this is what happened in the all too short time when Mirri and the lion king Camrath on TLK were together. Not really one of the happiest outcomes, but if it was all smooth and sugary sweet, it wouldn't be any fun, right?

You are Furry guest number

 This is your guilty conscience speaking... Click Me!

Indivisable harmony in a nature so pure
We both live in this place, me and you
Now my brother, you have to make sure
That I have a place to sleep tomorrow too

 Tucan sing better than one tucan can!  

And while you're at it, might as well save the Rainforest too.

Everything in this place is copyright by me ^.^
Don't steal anything. Stealing is bad!
If you grab anything here for yourself and pretend it's yours, I shall be VERY annoyed...